Saturday, November 1, 2014

On Fire: Methow Plants, Wildlife & Fire

fire on Balky Hill on 7.19

Our local Okanogan Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society is sponsoring a free program that Dana Visalli will be giving at the Twisp pub titled: 

On Fire: Methow Plants, Wildlife & Fire

Join us Monday evening, 
November 10th at 7 PM
doors open at 6:00 for snacks and drinks 

Dana will be discussing the adaptations that our local plant and animal species have to fire, and how they have been responding to date to the summer fires. 

It's a fascinating subject and we hope you can come and participate. 

The doors open at 6 PM for drinks, snacks and socializing.

Regarding fire, why do some of our plants resprout after a fire and some do not?  

And why are there little sunflowers blooming here and there out in the burned areas (have you seen them)? 

Beyond that, we will also briefly address the question what exactly is fire anyway--why can a stick or a tree turn to a pile of ashes--and what impact has fire had on the human evolutionary journey?  

We hope to see you there!

Field aster, Aster campestris, blooming right now,
out of season, due to the fires

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