Saturday, April 16, 2016

2016 WNPS Hikes

Anyone is welcome to join these free trips. Please reserve a spot on any hike by contacting the trip leader.

April 16—Mill Hill (Twisp) for Flowers & Bees—led by Dana Visalli  dana at 509-997-9011
A short (2-miles) but steep hike up the trail that goes up the ridge just south of Twisp. Approximately 9 AM to noon. There is a charming dwarf lupine up there that will be in the youth of its bloom, plus some other unusual plants. We will also observe  pollinators and try to identify them and watch the ravens play along the cliffs. Meet in Hank’s parking lot at 9 AM (we won’t leave cars there).

April 23—Location TBA—led by Rosalee de la Foret-  rosalee at  997-0545
We’ll go slow and spend lots of time talking about the edible and medicinal uses of the plants we see. We hope to see yellow bells, arrow leaf, spring beauties, yarrow, bitterroot, lupine, various Lomatiums and more. 10 AM. 

April 30—Spokane Gulch, Goat Wall—led by Eric Burr  burrski at  996-3101
Spokane Gulch-Goat Wall: Moderate unmaintained foot paths up and back from whichever side the group is most interested in, with the possibility for a through hike(a soggy 3 miler) and car shuttles for those interested. Usually we eat lunch up at a view point and are back down mid-afternoon. Early season flowers and birds on Mazama's most popular unofficial "trail" before the higher country opens up, with views of Gardner and Silver Star.  Meet at the Mazama Store at 9 AM to organize and stock up with lunch stuff.

May 20-21Bee Identification Workshop with Don Rolfs
This will be Friday evening Saturday ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /9 AM- 2 PM field workshop on how to identify our native bee pollinators. Don is one of the best native bee instructors in the country so this is a rare opportunity to learn about bees. Cost $10 (to pay his expenses getting and staying here) A limit of 20 people with 8 signed up; reserve a spot with Dana   dana at  509-997-9011

June 5Grass Identification Workshop with Dana Visalli
There are over 100 species of grasses in the Methow, but most people do not recognize more than two or three of them. In this 9 AM to 3:30 PM program we will work in a botany lab set up at Twisp Works and in the field to learn to recognize 20 of the most common grasses in the Methow, and the basics of how to key out all grasses.
Cost is $35; contact Mary Kiesau at the Methow Conservancy to sign up at 996-2870, mary at

June 11Butterfly Hike—led by Joyce Bergen  
Butterflies for beginners, plants too, location to be announced, depending on seasonal conditions. This will be easy walking. Bring nets & field guides if you have them; we have extras. No collecting, just catch-identify-and-release. Look for location confirmation via email a few days in advance of the trip. We will meet at 9 AM. Limited to 12 people. To join, notify Joyce. magpie at  509-996-7808

June 19Hoodoo/Bigalow for Alpine Forgetmenots—led by Dana Visalli  
This is a difficult 14 mile roundtrip hike up the East Fork Buttermilk trail to see the rare alpine forgetmenots and snow Douglasia blooming on Bigalow Mountain. There will snow to climb and descent at Hoodoo Pass. We will leave early, probably 6:30 AM. dana at  509-997-9011. 

July 3 or thereaboutsMiddle Tiffany Tundra Country—led by Caryl Campbell 
Middle Tiffany, just north of Tiffany Mountain, has a fascinating expanse of tundra-like grasslands with sporadic wetlands, a botanical wonderland. The hike is about 5 miles long with some elevation gain.
 bearfight at  996-3458. 

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